Phoenix Ind.

We have a significant history, state of the art machinery, we are focused on quality, ingredients and we rely on a team of experts.

How it all started

Our story

It begins in 1995 in Braila, on the Danube shore, as a family business producing traditional kind of biscuits only. Starting with 2007 the business has been taken by the younger generation of the family who pushed our brand with a dynamic and proactive attitude, improving constantly the taste, expanding the range of products, and adapting the business to the latest standards in technology, quality and food safety.

In 2015, we invested in a very modern production line custom made for us by one of the most respected Italian manufacturer. Alongside with all above, we invested in a highly skilled team, working together with the best results.

The history of Phoenix Ind

    • 1995
    • Phoenix started their activity as a family bussiness on Danube's shore in Brăila, a city with tradition of biscuits.

    • 1996...
    • 10 years in which Phoenix has built reputation and market leadership in the region's traditional biscuits market.

    • 2007
    • With the arrival of a young team and with a modern approach Phoenix energizes and are / is turning around to modern retail and it extends nationwide.

    • 2013
    • Phoenix begins with succesful export activity and start production of new products.

    • 2015...
    • The factory is evolving to the highest european standards. With installation of a new product line manufactured by world leaders in domain, Phoenix starts a new era in which innovative products, new tastes, flavours and packaging starts to appear which perform with success on markets from Europe and Asia alongside those of biggest corporations. This is the time where we became proud that on our package is signed "made in Romania".

Where we make the biscuits

In the latest years we invested a lot in new technologies and procedures to follow the highest european standards. The results make us proud and you can see in pictures how we work today.

Fabrica 1
Fabrica 2
Fabrica 3
Fabrica 4
Fabrica 5
Fabrica 6
Fabrica 7
Fabrica 8
Fabrica 9


We have been verified and granted the highest certifications in the field by international quality standard forums.

  • Certificat ISO 9001

    ISO 9001:2015

  • Certificat HACCP

    HACCP certification